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AAF Public Program v.9

Bookings for free school tours have already opened.  We have circulated notice to all Tasmanian schools, but if you want to be sure that your child’s school is aware of the opportunity, we encourage you to contact your school principal or class teacher.  We have a safe working limit to the number of classes we can put through in a day, and we won’t exceed that, so tours will book out.  There are two vessels to tour this time, the RSV Investigator and the Aurora Australis. Classes can visit one vessel or the other, but not both in one day.  School tours include a fascinating open day at either CSIRO or IMAS. The tours are suitable for Grade Three and above.

More than 900 Tasmanian school children toured the Aurora Australis in 2016  Photo: Ballantyne Photography

Bookings for public tours of the two ships will open on this website on 5 July, 2018. You must have a ticket to board the ships.  We ask for a modest donation of $5 per person to the Mawson’s Huts Foundation, to support their essential work in preserving Australia’s most remote heritage site – the original Mawson’s Huts at Cape Denison in East Antarctica.  The ship tours are not suitable for children under the age of 8 years.  These are working ships, not passenger vessels, so a reasonable level of agility is required to negotiate steep stairways and confined spaces. We will do everything we can to provide access for people living with disabilities, but the ships are not wheelchair accessible. Please call the festival office on 03 6223 3375 for more information.

Aboard the RSV Investigator. Photo: Eric Graudins

Bookings for tours to Hobart Airport and inspection of the RAAF Globemaster C-17A aircraft include your guide, coach transportation to the airport and return to Hobart. Bookings open on this website on 6 July, 2018. You must hold a ticket to board the coach and there is no public access at Hobart Airport. Tickets for these guided tours are by $10 donation to the Mawson’s Huts Foundation.


RAAF C-17 at Wilkins . Photo: AAD/Glenn Jacobson