Aurora Australis by Doug Thost
Aurora Australis by Doug Thost

Stunning Field For Photo Competition

With 63 submissions from around the world, the Antarctic Photography Exhibition is set to thrill audiences with beautiful images of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, on exhibit at the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery from 2-18 September.  ‘The quality and range are superb’, said Festival Director Paul Cullen, ‘and we are delighted with the number of entries’.  A panel of experienced judges will consider the collection and start on the difficult process of selecting finalists for the exhibition.  They will choose 20-25 of the best images for professional printing by art photography master printers ICC Imagetec in Hobart.  Mounted and displayed in the Bond Store at the museum, final judging will take place in time for the announcement of the winners of the $5,000 first prize and the $2,000 second prize on Sunday 11 September.

Orca Antarctica

Orca Antarctica by Chad Carey

People’s Choice Prize

Gallery goers can also vote in the People’s Choice Award, which offers $500 for the most admired image, selected by popular vote.  The Bond Store at TMAG is open from 10 am to 4 pm daily, except Monday.  Admission to the Exhibition is free, as part of the Australian Antarctic Festival.

‘Photography in Antarctica takes some special skills.’ Cullen said. ‘The idea that everything is white is just not so.  In fact, it’s a brilliantly colourful place, full of strange light effects, vivid animals and the mysterious blue glow of deep ice. The challenge is to keep your fingers working in the cold, tuck your batteries somewhere warm inside your clothing and be ready when that magical instant occurs.  That might be a killer whale surfacing, an ice cliff collapsing or a skua attacking a penguin chick from the sky.’  The range of the images submitted for judging covers a gamut of seascapes, wildlife, human exploration and the eerie loneliness of these remote regions.

The exhibition opens on Friday 2 September.