Is Your School Going to the Antarctic Festival?

School children in Grade Three and above from all over Tasmania will be making their way to Princes Wharf on Thursday August 2 and Friday August 3, for an exciting adventure.  They will be visiting the CSIRO Marine labs and the research vessel Investigator, or the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) and the icebreaker Aurora Australis.  The tours are completely free, courtesy of P&O Maritime, the Australian Antarctic Division, CSIRO and the Marine National Facility. Part of the Australian Antarctic Festival presented by the Mawson’s Huts Foundation, the school tours program will see several thousand students participate, to learn first-hand about the fascinating world that lies just over the horizon in Antarctica.

Recognised as one of the most important scientific centres in the world for Antarctic and Southern Ocean research, Hobart provides opportunities for young people to pursue a career in marine or Antarctic science right through university to post-doctoral studies.  A school trip like this might just create, in a young mind, a small spark of interest in this fascinating world.  The children will meet scientists eager to talk about the work they do, and their own adventures in Antarctica.

School Tour Bookings Are Now BOOKED OUT

‘The tours booked out very quickly’, said Festival Director Paul Cullen.  ‘We have a limited number of places over the two days, to ensure that these tours are conducted safely and securely.  Classes will be accompanied by trained guides, their own teachers and teacher’s aides.  We want every school in Tasmania to have a fair chance of securing a place, but teachers will  have to be alert when bookings open on June 29.  All classes wishing to visit must have advance bookings and that can only be done through the Antarctic Festival website. Schools provide their own transportation; the tours are free and last approximately 2.5 hours.

Book Here – Sorry, BOOKED OUT

For those who miss out on a place, there’s good news.  Public tours of the Antarctic ships, and the huge Antarctic Exhibition in PW1, will be available over the weekend from 4 to 5 August.  Ship tours require advance booking on the festival website (opening on Thursday July 5) and a small donation to support the Mawson’s Huts Foundation, but admission to the Antarctic Exhibition and Open Days at IMAS and CSIRO is completely free.