L'Astrolabe is one of two Antarctic supply ships that call Hobart home. The ship supplies the French base at Dumont D'Urville

Ready For Your Antarctic Ship Tour?

If you are one of the lucky 1,500 ticket holders for the tours of the Aurora Australis and L’Astrolabe this coming weekend – you’ve done well!  All tours are now fully booked and there is no wait list.  But you need to be ready for your tour.

We hope that you are looking forward to your tour of the Antarctic icebreakers Aurora Australis and l’Astrolabe, as part of the Australian Antarctic Festival. We would like to ensure that you enjoy your day out and do it in safety. Please review these arrangements and give us a call at the Festival office (03) 6223 3375, if you have any questions.


Volunteer Antarctic Festival Guides Line Up To Welcome You Aboard

Just Like a Domestic Flight at the Airport


  • You must have a printed ticket when you check in for your Ship Tour. You must have photo ID with you (driver’s licence, passport, work ID) and you must check in on time.
  • Please go to the Check in Counter on Princes Wharf (you get to it through the main hall of PW1)
  • Get in the right line for your ship. You will see signs for Aurora Australis and L’Astrolabe.
  • Present your ticket and photo ID at the Check-In Counter to obtain your Boarding Pass. Tickets are NOT transferable.
  • Don’t be late! We recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes before your tour departure. Sorry, but we can’t wait. If you miss your tour, you will not be able to join another. We are fully booked.
  • Go to the correct Boarding Gate for your tour. For instance 11:00 am – Aurora Australis. Look for signs directing you to the correct gate.
  • Your guide will join you 5 minutes before departure for a short safety briefing, then lead you on to the ship.


A Few Reminders:


Wear sensible shoes: no sandals, Crocs, heels or open shoes

Don’t carry large bags. Leave them at home or in your car.

Photography is OK.  Please bring your camera or phone.

Follow your Festival Guide. Don’t wander off or linger behind.

Be careful! Your safety is your responsibility.

Children under the age of 8 are not permitted on tour.

There is no parking on the Festival site.