Antarctic Expo Set To Impress

The Antarctic Expo (Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 August) is set to impress, with a fascinating display from most of the major players in the Australian Antarctic sector.  Those include the Australian Antarctic Division, CSIRO Marine Laboratories, the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) and a score of companies and agencies involved is supporting Australia’s […]

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Australia’s Loneliest Outpost

Mawson's Huts Foundataion

On a viciously wind-scoured outcrop of rock at Denison Point on Commonwealth Bay, East Antarctica, there stands a set of buildings almost miraculously preserved for the last 104 years.  The pre-fabricated wooden huts were erected by the members of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, which departed Hobart in December 1911 to map the coast of East Antarctica and […]

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Festival Celebrates Antarctic Community

photo courtesy Chimu Adventures

Australian Antarctic Festival 2018 Goes Live! The Australian Antarctic Festival celebrates the thriving Antarctic community in Tasmania, and the important work that Australia does in the Antarctic and Southern Ocean.  Timed to engage with the exciting run-up to the first summer voyages of the new Antarctic season, we’ll introduce you to the people and organisations […]

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Antarctic Photography Competition 2018

Doug Thost.05
© Doug Thost Photography

Open to International Entries Images of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean are entrancing;  a chance for all of us to see the terrifying beauty of the last great wilderness on earth. We marvel at the amazing animals that live there and the work that international scientists do to preserve and understand this surprisingly fragile environment.  Great […]

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Welcome to the Antarctic Festival

Intending to visit Hobart for the Antarctic Festival 8-11 September?  Don’t wait to make your travel and accommodation bookings.  For some helpful information, go to the Accommodation page at our related event, the Australian Wooden Boat Festival at

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