Mawson’s Hut Replica Museum

Blue Hut

The Mawson’s Huts Replica Museum on the Hobart waterfront has become a magnet for interstate and international tourists and visitors to the Australian Antarctic Festival can enjoy entry by donation to the Replica on Sunday, 11 September.  Take this chance to see a remarkable re-creation of what conditions were like for the first Australian expedition to the icy continent.  You’ll feel as if you are part of the expedition, with authentic tools, clothing, furnishings and instruments exactly as they would have been in the terrible winters of 1911-1916, when the outside temperatures dropped to 60 degrees below zero.


Built and operated by the Mawson’s Huts Foundation to help raise funds for the conservation of the original buildings at Cape Denison, East Antarctica, the Replica Museum is rated by Trip Advisor as the No 1 museum in Hobart.

Guided Tours

All visitors are given a guided tour by volunteers and staff who are keen to share their immense knowledge of Mawson and his expedition of 1911-14.

Established in 1997 expressly to conserve the historic buildings the Foundation has funded and organised 13 major expeditions to the historic site saving the buildings from certain destruction. Working in partnership with the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) which provides operational and logistical support, the Foundation’s skilled expedition members including heritage carpenters, materials conservators, archaeologists, photographers, medical officers and  general hands, have removed all the ice from the interior and reclad the roof to prevent further ingress of ice and snow.

With each expedition costing about $500,000 all donations to the Foundation are important in helping to save the huts which are the birthplace of Australia’s Antarctic heritage.

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