Image courtesy Sled Dogs Adventures, Tasmania

The Huskies Are Back!

Huskies on the Waterfront – Sunday 11 September


We are delighted to welcome the huskies back to the Hobart waterfront, with an exciting re-creation of the return of an early Antarctic expedition.  Tethered to an authentic historical sled, these energetic dogs will race along Franklin Wharf from Hunter Street to Salamanca on Sunday 11 September from 11:00 am.  Though the days of the Antarctic Huskies at Australian stations are long over, many old Antarctic hands still remember them with great affection and respect. Join us on the waterfront for a thrilling sight as these working dogs do what they do best, then meet the dogs and their trainers at the Huskies’ Picnic on Parliament House Lawns.  The demonstration starts at Hunter Street at 11:00 am and finishes in the Parliament House Gardens at 11:30.  Exhibits and entertainment continue until 3:00 pm.  Bring the camera, bring the children and enjoy a relaxed day in the park with some adorable friends.

ANARE veterans with experience of working with the dogs in Antarctica will be on hand.  They will recall how these sturdy, loyal, strong canines were part of the expedition community well into the 1970s at Australian bases.  The last huskies left Antarctica in 1994, as a result of the Madrid Protocol to the Antarctic Treaty.  This resolved to remove all non-indigenous animals from Antarctica except, of course, for humans!

Today, breeders still continue the blood lines of these working dogs and participate in adventure travel, long-distance races and outdoor experiences such a ‘dry-sledding’.  That goes to prove that in many wilderness areas, the light environmental impact of these nimble, well-trained and fast-moving animals remains the best way to go where there are no roads.

If you plan to bring your own dog along, please remember that Hobart City Council by-laws require that it be on a lead and under effective control at all times.