photo courtesy Chimu Adventures

Festival Celebrates Antarctic Community

Australian Antarctic Festival Goes Live!

The Australian Antarctic Festival celebrates the thriving Antarctic community in Tasmania, and the important work that Australia does in the Antarctic and Southern Ocean.  Timed to engage with the exciting run-up to the first summer voyages of the new Antarctic season, we’ll introduce you to the people and organisations that work in the highest, coldest, driest and most demanding environment on the planet.  Always wanted to see Antarctica, but haven’t had the opportunity? We’ll get you as close as you can get without crossing the Southern Ocean.

You can see a brilliant season of Antarctic films at North Hobart’s State Cinema, take in a stunning photography exhibition at the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery and even tour an Antarctic ship and meet the scientists who work in the last great wilderness on earth.  A gala fundraising dinner for the Mawson’s Huts Foundation will gather all the organisations and companies that support the Australian Antarctic program, as well as the French and Chinese expeditions, to celebrate the start of a new Antarctic season.  Hobart’s newest facility, the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) will open its doors to the public and explain the vital work they do.  Don’t miss the big Antarctic Expo at Princes Wharf No.1 on Saturday and Sunday (10-11 September), when there Australian Antarctic Division, the Tasmanian Polar Network, Chimu Adventures and a dozen other exhibitors come to town to demonstrate their role in the frozen South.  Entry is absolutely free.  Around 1,000 Tasmanian school children will enjoy special guided tours of the Aurora Australis, courtesy of P & O Maritime.